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EngageBay logo

EngageBay is world's #1 affordable all-in-one marketing, sales, and support CRM software supporting over 29500 growing companies around the world. EngageBay helps companies to acquire, engage, nurture web visitors and convert them to happy customers and grow their business 5x and more.

Vendor : EngageBay
Total Employees : 35
Price : $8.99
Free Trial : As per client request
Country : CA, USA
Founded Year : 2017

Qwaiting logo

Qwaiting is the leading Queue Management system that enables you to systemically manage your queues in a modern way. This smart tool also provides useful data insights for the business decision-making process. Qwaiting helps your customers to book appointments, join queues virtually and generate tokens from the comfort of their homes. If you are a business owner struggling with customer complaints, register for a free 14-day trial today. Having Qwaiting at your business ensures increased product

Vendor : Qwaiting
Total Employees : 11-50
Price : $199.00
Free Trial : N/A
Country : USA
Founded Year : 2014

OfficeClip LLC logo

Contact Manager

OfficeClip Contact Manager lets you manage and organize your contacts in a centralized place where all the employees in the organization can access and share the information. This All-in-one solution will help you to manage all your work without investing in multiple apps. OfficeClip CRM lets you track leads, create campaigns, create invoices, manage documents, schedule appointments, and much more. The reporting feature will provide you with all the detailed analysis and help to identify the

Vendor : OfficeClip LLC
Total Employees : 10
Price : Free
Free Trial : As per client request
Country : USA
Founded Year : 2003

Coders Dev logo

Coders Dev is a client-centric design and development agency. We have years of experience in e-commerce and web development. The expertise of Coders Dev is not limited to the development, but also, they have a good hand in logistics, Ewallet, transportation, ott app, bitcoin wallet mobile app designing, and digital marketing as well. We work with the help of a big and good team of professionals who have complete knowledge about the industry and can easily fulfill all clients’ requirements.

Vendor : Coders Dev
Total Employees : 900
Price : $25.00
Free Trial : N/A
Country : CA, USA
Founded Year : 2010

Sensys Technologies Pvt.  logo

Sensys Technologies is a software development house with proven expertise in systems and application Developments, which is used to offer solutions across vertical segments, Software Development Consulting, Workflow Solutions, Outsourcing, Business Intelligence solutions, Web Architecture, & Data Warehousing. Sensys Technologies offers high quality solutions and services enabling customers to derive maximum value and benefit by providing licensed and state-of-the-art solutions and application

Vendor : Sensys Technologies Pvt.
Total Employees : 165+
Price : INR 6000
Free Trial : Yes
Country : India
Founded Year : 2004

Federal Soft Systems logo

Federal Soft Systems is a Digital Transformation & IT Services Company helping corporates to enhance their digital presence and experience by delivering exceptional business solutions and customer value Globally. Delivering competitiveness is what Federal Soft Systems brings to the table when it takes on any assignment. Its vast repertoire of competencies begin from strategy consulting, that factors in the client’s current and future competitive scenario, and then goes on to tailor IT soluti

Vendor : Federal Soft Systems
Total Employees : 1000
Price : Contact Vendor
Free Trial : As per client request
Country : India
Founded Year : 2015

Infolink Technologies Pvt logo

Intellistant CRM

CRM IntelliStant is a CRM or Customer Relationship Management and business management software designed to automate critical and essential parts of your Business

Vendor : Infolink Technologies Pvt
Total Employees : 300
Price : INR 1500 / Month
Free Trial : As per client request
Country : India
Founded Year : 2000

CentraHub CRM logo

CentraHub CRM

CentraHub CRM is a SaaS based Customer Relationship Management software with 90+ advanced features to automate sales, marketing and services, catering to the verticals of Real Estate, Automotive, Education and Logistics. Create a FREE account now!

Vendor : CentraHub CRM
Total Employees : 51-100
Price : 500
Free Trial : Yes
Country : India
Founded Year : 2002

Commence Corporation logo

Commence CRM

A comprehensive CRM solution for managing customer relationships, sales, marketing, customer service and projects

Vendor : Commence Corporation
Total Employees : 50
Price : $19.00/User
Free Trial : Yes
Country : USA
Founded Year : 1990

What is CRM software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool that's designed to help all your organizations, companies, shops and etc. offer your customers a unique and continuous experience, as well as build better relationships between your clients by providing a complete picture of all customer interactions with all your existing, past and potential customers. It is one of the approaches that allow a company to manage and analyze its own interactions with its all potential customers.

How to choose the best digital workplace software?

You will need to consider the industry, Business Size, Compatibility, Available support, and Price.


Your business may operate in the retail, manufacturing, professional services and etc. Each Business has unique software needs, so developers will build software based on your requirements.

Business Size:

Your software features will increase with the size of your business. As your business grows, you have to invest in upgraded your software to maintain your growth.

Required Features:

Some start-up companies need basic features of the software and some big company needs complex functions of the software. You have to decide what kind of features need to be used in your software.

Available Support: 

You will face some problems using the software at some point. You have to know what resources are available for a software program that you are looking to purchase.  Like online resources, live chat, local consultants and etc. You have to know, who can provide you with assistance with your software should you need their help in your area.


You have to make sure that you do not over or underpay for software that you looking to purchase. You may pay some additional cost for a few software’s, which minimizes the common errors.  

Features CRM Software.

CRM software provides the following features:

  • Contact management
  • Interaction tracking
  • Lead management
  • Email integration
  • Document management
  • Quotes/proposal management
  • Pipeline management
  • Workflow automation
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Team Collaboration
  • Performance Management
  • Sales Process Automation
  • Campaign Management

Benefits of CRM Software:

CRM software provides the following benefits:

  • Efficiencies, particularly in data management
  • Better collaboration and communication across departments and teams
  • Greater accountability
  • Improved customer experience
  • Better reporting and analysis capabilities

How much does CRM Software cost/charge?

The given bellowed list pricing for the base plans of top-rated products. An enterprise pricing is based on volume and maximum number of users annual/monthly subscription that's not mentioned. Before choosing a subscription plan clearly check monthly/yearly price perusers.

Price Rage:

$10.00/Month $40.00/Month
$40.00/Month $99.00/Month
$99.00/Month $150.00/Month


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