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Akrivia Automation Pvt Lt logo

Akrivia HCM

Akrivia HCM is a new age hire to retire platform built with a goal of creating an application with enterprise grade architecture and functionality coupled with a digital native focused user experience. All the modules have been built keeping in mind the future workforce and creating a positive experience throughout the life cycle of the employee in an organisation. Using Akrivia HCM organisations will be able “Attract, Hire, Develop and Retain” the best talent using a single unified platform.

Vendor : Akrivia Automation Pvt Lt
Total Employees : 300+
Price : N/A
Free Trail : yes
Country : India
Founded Year : 2015

Sensys Technologies Pvt.  logo

Sensys Technologies is a software development house with proven expertise in systems and application Developments, which is used to offer solutions across vertical segments, Software Development Consulting, Workflow Solutions, Outsourcing, Business Intelligence solutions, Web Architecture, & Data Warehousing. Sensys Technologies offers high quality solutions and services enabling customers to derive maximum value and benefit by providing licensed and state-of-the-art solutions and application

Vendor : Sensys Technologies Pvt.
Total Employees : 165+
Price : INR 6000
Free Trail : yes
Country : India
Founded Year : 2004

HRMantra Software logo

We are an HR & Payroll service provider since 2000 and serving clients worldwide. We have invested more than 1000's man-years to develop an error-free solution for the HR department. HRMantra is the one who developed India's most comprehensive mobile application in the HRMS industry.

Vendor : HRMantra Software
Total Employees : 100
Price : N/a
Free Trail : yes
Country : India
Founded Year : 2000

FSS logo

Federal Soft Systems is a Digital Transformation & IT Services Company helping corporates to enhance their digital presence and experience by delivering exceptional business solutions and customer value Globally. Delivering competitiveness is what Federal Soft Systems brings to the table when it takes on any assignment. Its vast repertoire of competencies begin from strategy consulting, that factors in the client’s current and future competitive scenario, and then goes on to tailor IT soluti

Vendor : FSS
Total Employees : 100
Price : Contact Vendor
Free Trail : yes
Country :
Founded Year : 2015

PulseHRM logo

PulseHRM is a cloud-based HRMS and employee onboarding platform developed on Oracle tech stack. This time management software lets you start with the modules you need and add more as you grow.

Vendor : PulseHRM
Total Employees : 30
Price : N/A
Free Trail : yes
Country : Hyderabad, India
Founded Year : 2015

Methvin logo

Methvin Construction Suite

Overview Presentation Methvin is an online estimating software, collaborative project management platform, and tender portal for the construction industry. It is a suite of easy-to-use tools for estimating, scheduling with Gantt chart, collaboration with agile Kanban board, and takeoff that works with various drawing formats. The Tender Portal provides users an online workspace where contractors and subcontractors can easily submit bids in an complete and secure way. Features, Benefits, Prod

Vendor : Methvin
Total Employees : 5
Price : $27.00
Free Trail : yes
Country : New Zealand
Founded Year : 2003

Calamari logo

Calamari is an HR management software consist of two modules: * Calamari Leave - a tool for managing leave days, absences, and vacation calendars where you can easily manage your office workers and remote workers even from different countries at the same time * Calamari Clock In-time tracking tool that can track time of work, breaks, and given projects; it can also create the attendance list in real-time. Calamari is a great solution for all kind of enterprises and their size. It helps not

Vendor : Calamari
Total Employees : 20 - 30
Price : $10 - $30/1-10 users
Free Trail : yes
Country :
Founded Year : 2014

peopleHum logo

peopleHum is an end-to-end, one-view, integrated Human Capital Management automation platform, the winner of the 2019 global Codie Award for HCM that is specifically built for crafted employee experiences and the future of work. We are the next-generation people engagement platform. Be future-ready with our predictive analytics. Get clear insights, boost productivity, create a culture of Innovation & fun.

Vendor : peopleHum
Total Employees : 51-200
Price : N/A
Free Trail : yes
Country : USA
Founded Year : 2016

What is Human Resource (HR) Management Software?

HRM software or Human Resource Management System give a solitary, concentrated perspective on an organization's labor force by coordinating a wide exhibit of uses like ability obtaining, benefits organization, pay the board, execution the executives, progression arranging, and profession advancement. HRM software is frequently utilized reciprocally with HCM, human resources the executives. The last term alludes to the regulatory administration of an association's kin.

How to choose best HR Management Software?

You will need to consider industry, Business Size, Compatibility, Available support and Price.

  • Industry
  • Your company may be active in the retail, manufacturing, professional services and so on sectors. Each company has unique software needs, so developers will build software depending on your needs.

  • Business Size
  • Your software's characteristics will increase with your business size. As your company expands, you need to invest in upgrading your software to keep your growth going.

  • Required Features
  • Some start-ups need basic software functionality and some big companies need complex software functionality. You have to decide which type of features should be used in your software.

  • Available Support
  • There will be problems with the use of software at some point. You need to know which resources are available for any software you are looking to purchase. Such as on-line resources, live chat, local consultants and so on. You must know, who can provide you with assistance with your software if you need their assistance in your area.

  • Price
  • You must ensure that you do not or under-pay the software you are looking for purchase. You may pay some extra costs for little software, thereby minimizing common errors.

Features of HR Management Software.

  • Recruitment & Hiring
  • The framework can mechanize and streamline an information investigation on peer positions and pitch the right compensation. The robotized enrollment module of HRMS makes employing methods quick with simple to get ready layouts and circle back to enlistment. Additionally, a candidate global positioning framework (ATS) can at the same time acknowledge or reject candidates dependent on set standards. Furthermore, this expands the turnaround time as well as saves costs on committed assets for situation.

  • Employee Portal
  • HRMS can sort out and store monetary information. The kind of representative information like their positions, worker records, begin working date, pay rates, protection plans with banking and duty subtleties, taken care of time alternatives, and so forth becomes indispensable when organizations get to a particular scale. Additionally, such an entryway permits approved people to get to their records progressively, so HR doesn't have to oversee such things and save time.

  • Payroll
  • The essential capacity of finance is to compute and pay compensations, retain the proper duties and derivations, and put together the printing and conveyance of checks. It effectively handles all inheritance frameworks for remuneration and advantage, including pay, recompenses, and additional time rates in an association through its clear cut formulae. It can decently be called perhaps the most important highlights of HRMS programming.

  • Workflows
  • Work processes permit organizations to robotize the vast majority of the dull, ordinary errands that drag down the effectiveness of HR the executives. The framework empowers sending computerized notices to all members to keep them educated. By breaking down the information, HRMS diminishes the tremendous expense factor related with manual paper-pushing. It likewise audits the representatives' work, commitment, meeting assumptions, requesting input from colleagues, and investigates the set targets. This can be a tedious work, however worked with information assortment, abbreviated interaction cycle, and kept up with consistency can massively facilitate your life.

  • Social Collaboration
  • The thick organizers in wardrobes, where many resumes are documented, are being supplanted by ATS — Applicant Tracking System. It robotizes the way toward looking for up-and-comers, permits you to assess the adequacy of different enlisting channels, and chooses what functions admirably enough and where it is smarter to coordinate extra endeavors and assets. One of the unmistakable highlights of the HRMS framework that other programming stages don't give is participation the board. With no problem, HRMS unequivocally controls non-attendance and regulates undertakings like leave qualification, leave encashment, the all out number of leaves taken and the equilibrium left. Truancy is a fundamental key component of the HRMS capacity to assess work fulfillment.

  • Time Tracking and Leave Entitlement
  • As per the HBR report, overseeing advancements viably is quite possibly the best advances pioneers can take to succeed. HRMS productively improves on the appraisal cycle by bringing KPAs and KRAs into responsibility. It gives more straightforwardness and unprejudiced yield of participation and reliability of each representative. With an individual efficiency track, information the board becomes powerful and further develops abilities through preparing and advancement.

  • Performance Evaluation
  • With the adjustment of innovation and cycle, each representative necessities to update his/her ranges of abilities. HRMS recognizes this hole of abilities and guides in dealing with workers' preparation necessities and screens the tremendous expense needed for preparing and advancement. It is additionally estimated that AI in HRMS will turn into a fundamental device for further developing learning, consistence, up-and-comer evaluation, and holding new information and abilities.

  • Employee Training
  • The framework permits HR specialists to expand plans, arrange qualification rules, oversee representative pay, advancements, and lead installments or stores given by a business to laborers on top of their wages. It likewise offers self-assistance open enlistment and incorporates pay costs with bookkeeping.

  • Talent retention
  • HRMS assists with creating worker enlistment to maintenance procedures. In the event that the weakening rate is high in an association, HRMS will uphold the HR Manager with applicable insightful data to come over this issue. It additionally permits following personal conduct standards of every representative, giving them conjectures of conceivable leaves. Computer based intelligence calculations, installed in worker criticism modules, can consequently send worries to HR and even propose conceivable arrangements.

  • Analytics and Data Management
  • Investigation and report the executives assists with dissecting data continuously and settle on better choices

Benefits of HR Management Software

  1. Productivity
  2. The most clear advantage that HR programming can give is in the domain of efficiency inside your HR office. Executing HR programming can mechanize a colossal number of HR capacities, most quite finance and advantages organization. Thusly, you let loose your HR laborers to zero in on different issues like drawing in recently added team members and worker preparing procedures.

  3. Morale
  4. A new report tracked down that in enormous organizations however much a little less than half of some random day in a HR division was given to simply benefits organization. HR programming that can deal with programmed benefits organization permits your HR laborers to not simply continue ahead to different issues as indicated above yet additionally enables your non-HR workers to deal with their own advantages. This inclination that they're in charge can assist with giving an increase in resolve all through your organization and is an indispensable piece of good HR programming frameworks.

  5. Reduced Errors
  6. Human blunder can bring about genuine difficulties both monetary and lawful. A lost decimal point could cause significant issues, however HR programming lessens the measure of mistake to an absolute minimum. HR programming assists with mechanizing the most widely recognized cycles like finance data, and the mechanization that HR programming gives helps keep everything working appropriately.

  7. Compliance
  8. As referenced above, mistakes can set you back. Enormous, little, and fair sized organizations should all follow various state and government laws, and dealing with the data of your representatives can be interesting. HR programming gives simple techniques to dealing with all parts of your business including consistence related data. Set forth plainly, HR programming can keep you on the right half of the law.

  9. Metrics
  10. Organizations should continually audit the data and devise techniques dependent on their own inward activities and their opposition. HR programming normally incorporates HR measurements devices that permit you to precisely check issues, for example, turnover rate and employing costs. By carrying out HR programming in your business you're giving yourself various apparatuses that can be utilized to devise business systems.

How much does HR Management Software cost / chages?

The given bellowed  list pricing for the base plans of top rated products. An enterprise pricing is based on volume and maximum number of users  annual / monthly subscription that's not mentioned. Before choosing a subscription plan clearly check monthly/yearly price per users.

Price ranges:

$9.00/Month $19.00/Month
$19.00/Month $99.00/Month
$99.00/Month $199.00/Month
$199.00/Month +  

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