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Getting the best Digital Workplace Software for your business is now fast and easy! On our site. Through our site we have helped thousands of companies to find a perfect Digital Workplace Software by comparing product and service ratings, features, pricing and more.

zenphi logo


No Code Workflow Automation built on Google for Google. Whether it's a simple Gmail Mail Merge using Sheets & Docs, an Approval Workflows, or a complex multi-step employee onboarding process powered by state machine, document generation, e-signature, etc., zenphi enables you to automate it with a few drag and drops. No coding required. With zenphi you can automate your businesses processes in no time and put them on auto pilot.

Vendor : zenphi
Total Employees : 15
Price : $25/Month
Free Trail : Yes
Country : zenphi
Founded Year : 2020

Jamespot logo


Jamespot is France's leading cloud software for the communication and collaboration needs of businesses of all sizes, whether at the organizational or team level. 1. An interface to your image 🎨 Graphic charter, name, logo, menu, wording... Jamespot is 100% configurable according to your needs so that you feel at home. 2. Countless possibilities 🚀 Thanks to our 100 native and partner apps, Jamespot covers 100% of your collaborative needs. Our open API allows you to connect Jamespot t

Vendor : Jamespot
Total Employees : 35
Price : $6/month
Free Trail : N/A
Country : Montreuil, France
Founded Year : 2005

Sofvie Inc logo


We Believe That Everyone Deserves A Safe Workplace

Your Collaborative Intelligence Risk & EHS Management Platform! Sofvie is a proven software platform that connects every level of an organization. It enhances communication and redefines hazard and risk management in the workplace by intelligently analyzing data gathered from the front-line. Built on industry 4.0, Sofvie creates an accessible point of reference which aids in critical decision making processes. Sofvie is designed to align your culture, reduce incident and accident severi

Vendor : Sofvie Inc
Total Employees : 50
Price : N/A
Free Trail : Yes
Country : Lively, Ontario
Founded Year : 2018

Claromentis logo


Whether your staff work from the office or from home, our digital workplace software unites teams and connects them to the business tools they need.

Vendor : Claromentis
Total Employees : 40
Price : $8.00 / User
Free Trail : Yes
Country : United Kingdom
Founded Year : 1998

10to8 logo


10to8 is a powerful appointment scheduling software and online booking system trusted by 50,000+ businesses worldwide. 10to8 comes with automated SMS, email, and voice reminders helping you reduce no-shows by up to 90%. Avoid double-bookings by setting up calendar sync with Google, iCal, Exchange, and Outlook. 10to8 integrates with over 1,500 apps including Zoom, MS Teams, Salesforce, and many more…

Vendor : 10to8
Total Employees : 25 - 50
Price : Free
Free Trail : Yes
Country : Cambridge
Founded Year : 2014

Avokaado logo


A digital workspace for contract lifecycle management. Create and collaborate on documents from one single platform at every stage of the document lifecycle: clause-based contract automation, drafting based on smart templates, workflow management with digital signing and electronic storing.

Vendor : Avokaado
Total Employees : 9
Price : 29€/month
Free Trail : Yes
Country : Tallinn
Founded Year : 2016

What is digital workplace software?

The concept of digital workplace is the virtual equivalent to the physical workplace and it is cloud based work platform. Digital workplace provides data’s quickly and securely. An employee can access or get all the applications, data and collaboration features on any device, anywhere any time through secured online interface.

How to choose best digital workplace software?

You will need to consider industry, Business Size, Compatibility, Available support and Price.


Your business may operate in the retail, manufacturing, professional services and etc. Each Business has unique software needs, so developers will built a software based on your requirements.

Business Size:

Your software features will increase with the size of your business. As your business grows, you have to invest in upgraded your software to maintain your growth.

Required Features:

Some start-up companies needs basic features of the software and some big company needs complex functions of the software. You have to decide what kind of features need to be used in your software.

Available Support: 

You will face some problems using software at some point. You have to know what resources are available for software program that you are looking to purchase. Like online resources, live chat, local consultants and etc. You have to know, who can provide you with assistance with your software should you need their help in your area.


You have to make sure that you do not over or underpay for software that you looking for purchase. You may pay some additional cost for few software’s, which minimizes the common errors.  

Features of digital workplace software.

  • Live video streaming
  • Connect Voice and video calls through desktop and mobile
  • Chat applications for desktop and mobile (for instant messaging)
  • Well populated profiles- Employees can connect with each other with the help of well-populated profiles. Employees can get their counterparts’ contact details.
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Identification of knowledge and expertise when seeking solutions 
  • insight into any particular topic

Benefits of workplace software.

  1. Creates a more collaborative culture
  2. Unites the workforce
  3. More time for new ideas
  4. Allows employees to work remotely
  5. Provide a better customer experience
  6. Save costs and invest elsewhere
  7. Enhances the employee experience
  8. Recruit better talent and retain them
  9. Brings you agility like never before  

How much does accounting software cost / chages?

The given bellowed  list pricing for the base plans of top rated products. An enterprise pricing is based on volume and maximum number of users  annual / monthly subscription that's not mentioned. Before choosing a subscription plan clearly check monthly/yearly price per users.

Price ranges:

$6.00/Month $19.00/Month
$19.00/Month $159.00/Month
$159.00/Month $360.00/Month
$360.00/Month +  


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