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PulseHRM logo


Your Pulse. Your Employee

PulseHRM is a cloud-based HRMS and employee onboarding platform developed on Oracle tech stack. This time management software lets you start with the modules you need and add more as you grow.

Vendor : PulseHRM
Total Employees : 30
Price : N/A
Free Trial : Yes
Country : Hyderabad, India
Founded Year : 2015

Oorwin logo

Oorwin is an AI-powered, all-in-one Customer Relationship Management, Applicant Tracking System, and Human Resources Management platform. Oorwin delivers phenomenal growth for staffing businesses with its integrated approach to sales, recruitment and HR.

Vendor : Oorwin
Total Employees : 102
Price : $35.00
Free Trial : N/A
Country : USA
Founded Year : 2018

HRMantra Software logo

We are an HR & Payroll service provider since 2000 and serving clients worldwide. We have invested more than 1000's man-years to develop an error-free solution for the HR department. HRMantra is the one who developed India's most comprehensive mobile application in the HRMS industry.

Vendor : HRMantra Software
Total Employees : 100
Price : N/a
Free Trial : Yes
Country : India
Founded Year : 2000

PeoplesHR logo

PeoplesHR is a cloud based HR solution that covers the day to day tasks to high impact strategic decisions, with futuristic features that will make life easier. Our module scope covers the HR functions from Recruitment to Retirement, to create a holistic platform that caters to organisational needs at its best, eliminating the need for additional applications and solutions.

Vendor : PeoplesHR
Total Employees : 240
Price : $2.00/user/month
Free Trial : As per client request
Country : Australia
Founded Year : 2013 logo

OKR Coaching & Certification's OKR software helps your organisation in executing your strategies using an OKR centric approach. also has strategy tracking, task management, employee engagement, and employee development inbuilt. allows you to iterate faster using the Plan-Execute-Engage-Learn cycle every quarter. You can plan and align OKRs at the beginning of the quarter, track your execution with weekly check-ins and reviews, promote high levels of employee engagement using our collaborative f

Vendor :
Total Employees : 85
Price : Free
Free Trial : Yes
Country : USA
Founded Year : 2018

Workzoom logo

Workzoom is the all-in-one Talent, Workforce and Payroll solution that engages your employees, enlightens your leaders and helps you grow your business. Bring your whole team together with a centralized hub for accessing personal information, company updates and much more from any device. Enlighten your leaders with insightful dashboards, informative analytics and on-demand reports so they have what they need to make great decisions. Workzoom will do your administrative heavy lifting to save you

Vendor : Workzoom
Total Employees : 1-50
Price : 4
Free Trial : As per client request
Country : CA, USA
Founded Year : 2000

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